About Me

drums-1168624_640Hey, Welcome to Beat Lust!

My name is Jake and I have been playing drums since I was a kid…I don’t know how my parents put up with me to be honest.  Drumming changed my life, it gave me a career I love and it kept me out of trouble through those…erm…less than fun teen years.

I can get lost in my drum kit and completely forget there is another world out there and pounding away on the drum kit is a creative way to rid yourself of some frustration!  Most of the year I tour with my band but when I am back home I teach private lessons to drum students.

So why did I start this site?  Well, I have had lots of students over the years who have bought some really crappy drum kits, both electric and acoustic.  I want people to love playing as much as I do and you won’t if you have a bad kit.  If I can help avoid that I will, you can get a good reasonably priced kit that sounds great, so I will save you some hassle and test them out for you and let you know how the quality measures up.