Best table top mini electronic drum kit in 2017 – buyer’s guide

You want to be Joey Jordison. I get it.

But you won’t become one without years of hard work, perseverance, and practice. You need to practice, do more practice, and then some more.

There is no shortcut to this.

Professional Drums kit cost thousands of dollars. However, if you’re starting out just like me or like my 10 year old kid, then you can start with best tabletop drum kit. It’s pretty affordable and easy to use.

In this post, I’ll tell you about 3 best tabletop drum set that you can use now cheap and easy.


Types of Drum Kits

Drum kits come in two varieties: Acoustical and Electronic

Acoustical Drum Kits comes in 4 piece or 5 piece set. If you’re going to do some

Jazz then 4 piece set is just fine. If you plan to do some rock or fusion then 5 piece set would be better.

If you’re a beginner, then you can get junior electronic drum set with pre-programmed beats and song. It’ll help you to practice more and become a better drummer.



Alesis Compact Kit 4 Drum Kit review

alesis-compact-kit-4-drum-kit-reviewThis Table Top drum kit is perfect for your kid. I find AlesisCompactkit 4 quite feature rich and affordable. The sound quality is also good and is an absolute value for the money.

Features and Performances

  • AlesisCompactKit 4 comes with four sensitive drum head, a pair of drumstick and two foot pedal switch. It also has an AC Adaptor. It also works with 6C Batteries. Batteries are not included with the pack but, it is quite easily available in the market.
  • This Drum Kit comes with 70 percussion voices and more than 50 built-in songs. You can do crazy stuff with this one. The pad(drum head) comes with more than 200+ inbuilt voices.
  • I love this awesome feature. Alesis has an LCD and has a coaching feature that shows all the notes, rhythm on the LCD. It basically guide a new player in regards how to use the inbuilt songs and percussion sound feature.
  • AlesisCompactKit 4 gives you the ability to program your own kits and beats into it. I find this feature really handy as you can save your favourite strings with it.

Key Takeaway

Overall, I would highly recommend this drum set to anyone starting out in this field. The set is well built, compact, portable and affordable to anyone.


Pyle-Pro PTED01 Electronic Table Digital Drum Kit review

pyle-pro-pted01-electronic-drum-set-reviewPyle Pro is advanced table Drum Kit. It’ll open up a plethora of option and features for you. Once you get accustomed with basic drumming skills, you can buy this one to up your game.

Features and Performances

  • Pyle Pro is very well built as well as compact in size. You can use this kit with AC supply as well as 6C batteries. So, there is no stopping your kid from rocking the party.
  • Pyle Pro comes with 7 drum pads, a pair of drum stick and two metal pedals(one for kick and another for hi-hat). You can also use this kit with your headphone .You can also connect your drum kit with Mac or PC with the USB provided in the back panel.You can also connect this kit to your amp and can rock it out in party style. The Drum is also MIDI enabled. So, you can also integrate it with computer software like Garageband.
  • Pyle Pro comes with lots of audio configuration. You’ll get the option to use more than 30 pre-defined beats in the audio configurations. You can also do save your beats and use that afterward in any of your session. Super cool.
  • One more thing I do love about this kit is that it comes with more than 100 pre-built songs. So now you can use the songs to time your drum beats. This helps a lot if you’re a complete newbie like me.
  • Sometimes I fall out of rhythm. If thathappens with you also, then you can switch onto metronome feature. This’ll help you to find your rhythm by counting the intervals for you. You can also change the tempo based on your style and do a lot of cool stuff with this one.

Key Takeaway

If you’re looking for an electronic drum with slightly advanced features but also want that ease of use, I would highly recommend this one to you.


Yamaha YDD40 Portable Digital Electronic Drums

yamaha-ydd40-portable-digital-electronic-drums-reviewYes, I saved the best one for the last.

Yamaha YDD40 takes the whole sound quality to a new level.

Yamaha YDD40 is more compact in nature and comes with 4 drum pads, a pair of drum stick and a closed cup headphone.


Features and Performances

  • Yamaha YDD40 consists of more than 50 drum kits and 99 built-in-voices. You can create your own customized kit and assign it to any of the voice pads.
  • This Drum Kit comes with small drum pad. Now, it forces you to land your strike at the center of the pad. This makes your beats sounds lot better by removing the cluttered sound produced from the edges.
  • I absolutely love the hand gesture feature. You can turn it on and play bongos with your drum kit which is super funny and awesome.
  • Like Pyle Pro PTED01, it also comes with metronome feature which you can use to kick back yourself into tempo if you fall out of it.
  • Now, it also comes with an AUX input. So, you can literally connect your smartphone with the kit and play beats along with your favorite tunes.

Key Takeaways

The Sound quality of Yamaha YDD40 is far better than other drum kits in this price range.

Though, sometimes I face problem with the sensitivity of the pad.Still, I would highly recommend this drum kit to anyone.


Basic Tips for beginners

Make no mistake; I’m still a beginner but I would like to share some of experience and tips with you.

  • You should hold your drumstick very loosely. I always see beginners hold their stick very firmly and hit the drum head very fast. If you’re starting now, you should use this trick to bring the most from your sound.
  • Finding your style is paramount. Personally for me it’s the fast track beats and the snare shot. I’m not saying that you should not learn from the Pro. What I’m saying is that you should try to develop your style and signature.
  • I see that most beginner drummers hit the drum head very fast. Now you should learn to hit the drum head very slowly. By doing this,you’ll become more aware of the beats and get more control of your drumstick.


Final Thoughts

I think all the drum set mentioned here are quite good.

Let me know in the comments which one you like the most?

If you’ve any frustration with these drum set, please feel free to share with us.

Don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends.

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