Best kick pedals for electronic drums

Electronic drum kits are becoming increasingly popular among drum players. These e-drums provide drummers a way to practice silently so as not to disturb their neighbors. They are also used for their portability and lightweight, as opposed to the traditional acoustic drum kit. Some drummers play e-drums also for better integration with other electronic parts of the band they are playing with.

Choosing a kick pedal for an electronic drum kit is relatively more tricky than choosing an acoustic kick pedal, due to potential compatibility issues. Below are the factors to consider when buying a kick pedal for electronic drums, and a round-up of the best picks for your next kick pedal.


What to consider when buying a kick pedal for your e-drum kit


If you have an existing e-drum kit and want to buy a separate kick pedal, be sure to thoroughly check for compatibility before purchase. This may not be an issue any time soon if your e-drums come with a kick pedal, but some kits do not provide one, and you may need to get a replacement in the future. Check the manual for the kick pedals or ask the vendor to make sure the kick pedal you want is compatible with your existing e-drum kit.



There is still much debate about whether one needs to invest a great amount for the best pedals. My suggestion is to work out your budget for the kick pedal and stick with it. Chances are with whatever amount you can invest, there is a good pedal for the right price range. Good e-drum kick pedals can cost anything from below $100 to over $300, so it is not necessarily the case that with great price comes great quality. Check a range of kick pedals and find out the features they provide, as there’s a chance you will not need a ton of features if you are just starting out. Pick the pedal that has the features you need, and is within your budget range.



If you are just starting out playing e-drums, you may not need a ton of features. Things like ninja bearings, for example, may not be needed at all in your kit. A more simple, straightforward and inexpensive kick pedal, such as the Yamaha 7210 will most likely do the job.


Roland KT-10 Kick Drum Control Pedal

This e-drum kick pedal provides an authentic feel, great playability and low noise operation. A great integrated design allows this compact yet powerful electronic drum pedal to provide fast action and responsiveness, while still keep your playing neighbor-friendly.

If you are using a Roland e-drum kit, this kick pedal provides a seamless integration and portable convenience. The Roland KT-10, like many other Roland kick pedals, is among the most popular choices for electronic drummers thanks to its reliability, compact design, great responsiveness and sensitivity.


Yamaha KU100 Beaterless Silent Kick Pedal

This extremely affordable kick pedal is especially designed to prevent excessive noise and vibration from your playing. It will minimize vibration to the floor below, which can be tremendously helpful especially if you used to get complaints from your neighbors downstairs about the thumping on their ceiling. This unit is also sensitive enough to accommodate your playing dynamics, to provide a more realistic drum sound.

If you are looking for a kick drum pedal or a backup replacement that is compatible with your existing electronic drum kit and does not cost a fortune, the Yamaha KU100 pedal is definitely worth the shot. It can be used with a wide range of drum kits and together with another kick pedal if you want to achieve that double pedal sound. Nevertheless, be sure to check for compatibility to avoid surprises.


Pacific Drums & Percussion 113DP502 Double-Kick Drum Pedal

This pedal is perfect for those looking for something in the middle price range that takes care of performance and noise issues. It also allows for flexibility with a side-adjustable toe clamp and 2-way beater balls, which allow you to pick the right beater surface for your playing style. Plus, it’s a pretty sturdy double kick pedal, so you can rock those metal grooves in no time!


DW 3000 Series Single Bass Drum Pedal

This sturdy, middle-price range bass drum pedal is a good choice for beginner, intermediate and pro e-drum players alike. With a heavy duty sturdy metal construction, the DW 3000 is built to last through the gigs. This pedal provides great response, attack and sensitivity, while giving you total control over the tone.


Yamaha 7210 Chain Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal

This pedal is among the best picks below the $100 mark. Providing beater angle adjustment and a single chain drive, the 7210 gives you great control, responsiveness and lightweight portability in a compact unit that costs just a fraction of other kick pedals.

This pedal is especially ideal for new drum players, as this simple and effective kick pedal gives you just enough features to get the job done, with minimal fuss involved. The 7210 also has an extremely robust construction, so it is built to last through your practice sessions and gigs. So if you are looking for a pedal packaged with simplicity, portability, durability and at a great price, this pedal is definitely worth a shot.


Final words

The sheer variety of available e-drum kick pedals can first come across as overwhelming to someone new to drumming. Take your time to learn the features, decide which features are needed for the style of music you play, and look for information from the vendor as well as online, especially e-drum forums. Chances are with whatever budget you have, there is a kick pedal that will do the job. Good luck in your playing journey!

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